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Hello! I'm Carter.

Since I started tutoring in late 2019, I've worked with over 200 students, given over 1,000 hours of lessons, and helped students achieve significant improvements in their scores in courses ranging from Pre-Algebra to corporate finance.

Proven Results

890 → 1270

SAT score after 4 months

Abdullah A.

Saudi Arabia

30 → 78

Algebra 1 grade after 3 months

"Carter was tutoring me to prepare for all parts of the SAT exam. So far I had about 10 classes with him and he is amazing. Carter was a perfect match for my needs, he helps me in the exact areas where I need help."

"Carter is amazing! My grandson needed a review of past concepts and Carter was patient, compassionate and listened to his needs. Definitely saved this freshman from failing Algebra."

Donna V.

Mansfield, TX

D → B+

Corporate Finance grade after 3 months

"Carter helped me when I thought there was no person on Earth who could help me understand finance. He has been very patient with me and found ways to explain each lesson by utilizing creative examples."

Hemma K.

Anaheim, CA

C- → A+

Algebra 1 grade after 5 months

Sandra S.

Tallahassee, FL

"Carter is an excellent tutor. His dedication and commitment to helping my son excel in his studies have truly impressed me. My son no longer dreads his Algebra lessons; in fact, he looks forward to them with enthusiasm, thanks to Carter's engaging and approachable teaching style."


Scored a 1570 with a perfect 800 on math (top 0.1% of test takers)


Earned an A in every class, including honors and AP sections


Nominated by head of finance at BU to become a teaching assistant


Lesson Types


Includes Grades K-6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2

Also available for Honors sections


Focuses on avoiding common traps and recognizing useful formulas to make solving questions quicker and more accurate

Intro to Finance

Common concepts include NPV, IRR, bonds, annuities, perpetuities, APR, EAR, interest, and compounding

Corporate Finance

Common concepts include net working capital, free cash flows, DCF modeling, cost of capital, stock valuation, capital spending, and financial statement analysis

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