About Carter Tutoring

Background and Teaching Methods

Four Years of Tutoring Experience

Since I started tutoring in late 2019, I've worked with over 200 students, given over 1,000 hours of lessons, and helped students achieve significant improvements in their scores, in courses ranging from Pre-Algebra to corporate finance.

I began offering help to prepare students for the SAT math section after I earned a perfect score on my own exam. Since then, I've helped students improve their test-taking skills enough to boost their scores from 430 to 650 or even 740 to a perfect 800 in some cases.

After receiving the top score in BU's Intro to Finance course, I was recommended for a teaching assistant position by the head of the Finance Department. Since then, I've taught several finance sections totaling over 100 students and tutored in intro and corporate finance for many more.

Carter Langbert

Head Tutor at Carter Tutoring

Teaching Methods

I draw a lot of inspiration for my teaching methods from the times when I needed tutoring myself. For example, I was having trouble with Algebra 2 Honors because the way my teacher explained the material didn't match how I learned new concepts.

When I asked for help outside of class, my tutor would often talk about concepts that I hadn't seen yet. From those experiences, I learned two important things:

1. Everyone has a different learning style, and finding a tutor with a compatible teaching style is essential

I've worked with many students over the past four years, and while my teaching style works very well with most of them, I've given first lessons where I can tell that the way I teach doesn't match well with the way they learn. In those cases, I let the student know that they would likely be better off with another tutor.

The students that do match my teaching style, however, consistently see impactful positive changes in their speed, accuracy, and understanding of the material.

2. Many students have gaps in their knowledge that keep them from understanding new concepts, but can be easily fixed

For example, a lot of my students are taking Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. One concept used all the time in those classes is adjusting both sides of an equation, which lets you easily solve questions like x + 3 = 7 or 5x + 4 = 7x - 6. However, even some of my Geometry and Precalculus students aren't fully comfortable with a concept that's normally taught years before at the start of Algebra 1.

When I encounter gaps like those, I make sure not only to explain how the concept works but also how it connects to their current class and coursework. By doing so, I've seen my students not only get more comfortable with the material but actually start to enjoy doing the problems that they once dreaded.