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Sandra S.

Tallahassee, FL

Amazing Tutor!

"Carter is an excellent tutor. Carter tutored my son in 8th grade Algebra and is continuing to tutor him in 9th grade. Carter's dedication and commitment to helping my son excel in his studies have truly impressed me. Not only is he always punctual and professional, but his teaching methods have also made a significant impact on my son's understanding of the subject.

Carter's thorough approach to addressing my son's questions and concerns has been a game-changer. He doesn't just provide quick answers; he takes the time to ensure that my son grasps the underlying concepts and principles. Carter's ability to adapt his teaching style to my son's learning pace and preferences sets him apart. He recognizes that every student is unique and tailors his explanations accordingly, fostering a positive and productive learning environment.

My son no longer dreads his Algebra lessons; in fact, he looks forward to them with enthusiasm, thanks to Carter's engaging and approachable teaching style. Carter's passion for the subject matter shines through in every session. His knack for breaking down complex ideas into manageable steps has been instrumental in my son's academic growth. As a parent, it's incredibly reassuring to know that my son is in capable hands.

Carter's consistent progress updates and open communication have kept me well-informed about my son's performance and areas that need attention. I am grateful for his dedication to my son's success and his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure he reaches his full potential. I highly recommend him!"

Hemma K.

Anaheim, CA

Patient, easy to understand, and flexible tutor!

"Carter helped me when I thought there was no person on Earth who could help me understand finance. I had taken the same finance class for the past two years. As I was beginning a third try in hopes to pass it before graduation day, I found Carter for tutoring. He has been very patient with me and found ways to explain each lesson by utilizing creative examples. Furthermore, he provides flexible appointment times and answers messages very quick. So far I've been very pleased and grateful with the help that Carter has provided me."

Abdullah A.

Saudi Arabia

Best SAT tutor I had so far!

"Carter was tutoring me to prepare for all parts of the SAT exam. So far I had about 10 classes with him and he is amazing. I have tried with different tutors to prepare for the reading, writing, and math parts of the SAT, but so far I was not satisfied with their performance. Some were too boring, while others were not very familiar with the test structure. However, Carter was a perfect match for my needs, he carefully observes my needs and helps me in exact areas where I need the help.

He also has a good background in preparing for the SAT himself and preparing others for the test, which makes him a perfect SAT tutor. I am still a junior at my high school and will probably take my SAT sometime early next year. In this regard, I believe the lessons I take with Carter will be very helpful for me to ace the exam.

By the way, Carter's fees are very attractive compared to the quality of the lessons he provides. Overall, combinations of all these factors make him an excellent tutor one can find anywhere online."

Donna V.

Mansfield, TX

Grade went from a 30 to 78!

"Carter is amazing! Takes his time to source material and review as needed. My grandson needed a review of past concepts and Carter was patient, compassionate and listened to his needs. I have found Carter to be professional and efficient. Definitely saved this freshman from failing Algebra."

Lara D.

Hood River, OR

Carter is patient and knows his stuff!

"Carter tutored me for a couple of weekends before my SAT and helped me to feel a lot more confident about the math portion. He was patient and guided me in the right direction when I was confused or got something wrong. He knows which skills and formulas are important to know for the SAT and could help me determine which skills I needed to work on. He knows the SAT very well and could tell me what types and levels of questions I will need to answer on the test."

Angelica Q.

Hyattsville, MD

Great Finance Tutor!

"I've been meeting with Carter for college level Intro to Finance. He's been a huge help with my homework which prepares me for my exams. As a finance major he has a great grasp on the subject and understands it intuitively. He's very patient when I don't understand something. He is also responsive and very flexible with scheduling. Highly recommend Carter for finance lessons!"

Marwa E.

Lancaster, PA

Highly Effective SAT Tutor

"Carter is an exceptional SAT teacher who excels at explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. His teaching style is effective, making it easier to grasp difficult material."

Ana Eve R.

Silver Spring, MD

The Best Tutor!

"Carter's commitment to detailing every concept is truly commendable. He doesn't just skim the surface; instead, delves deep into the material, ensuring that students grasp the intricacies of each topic. This thorough approach not only solidifies understanding but also lays a strong foundation for future learning. With the help of Carter, I got an A on my midterm!"

Christina G.

Russell Springs, KY

Attentive and accommodating

"We reviewed time money value our first lesson, which helped me get a good grade on a test. our second lesson we reviewed stock and bond valuation. Carter has a good attitude and I appreciate his care in helping me learn."

Carla T.

Boston, MA

Knowledgeable and patient tutor!

"Great tutor! We went over my final project for my investment class. Carter was very patient explaining everything step by step and made it fun along the way providing examples. I can now apply those concepts on my own and feel way more confident to present in class. Looking forward to our next lesson."

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